Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Part 2: Finally Discovered Why My Vitapur Water Dispenser Is Leaking

This is a continuation from my previous post titled "Product Review: My Vitapur Water Dispenser Has Started Leaking" linked here http://www.chromiloamin.com/2012/01/produce-review-my-vitapur-water.htmlI have since moved the unit to the garage to avoid damages due to flooding mishaps and believe I have narrowed it down to a defective water bottle.

I have two 18L water bottles that I prefill to save me a trip to the water depot whenever one is depleted. I noticed that one of the two causes a slow but steady internal leak. I won't use that from now on and will see if that finally puts an end to the madness. The user manuals indicate that the water bottle could be the source of the problem but just like maps, I never pay attention to either of them. That'll teach me.

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