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The Blessed Virgin Mary is at our home for Black Rosary

We are hosting the Blessed Virgin Mary statue at our home this week and have religiously recited prayers every night since Sunday. Hosting the statue at a family's home is commonly known as "Black Rosary" and usually occurs in October but it's making the rounds in our neighborhood early. I had always wanted to get my family to join in on the prayers each night but everyone is busy and lives far away. I remembered that my Mom had Skype recently setup with a webcam so I thought I would web conference us together to say our 10 Hail Marys and recite the five Holy Mysteries each evening. Last night was our first web conference via Skype and we did run into some problems. My Logitech webcam's microphone would switch off when I establish the video conference via Skype so we instead used our land line in addition to video on my big screen. That's more ideal because the video and voice are on different channels, making the experience more fluid which is improtant when

Photos from Freelance Camp 2011 by Jeremy Lim and Raul Pacheco

Here are the flickr photos from the networking event. Copyright 2011 Jeremy Lim

How We Got Lost Getting to Aloutte Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park

The Labour Day weekend was fun-filled and we made sure it was spent in the great outdoors while we still have some summer left. We went to Aloutte Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park on Saturday for a day-picnic and I would say this place is as nice as Cultus Lake in Chilliwack. The day before the trip, I printed Google Map directions (which says it takes 1hr 30min to get there) and a printout of the grounds so that we know where to meetup with other family and friends. We didn't know how to get there so we thought it was a great idea to go with others who have. Our other friends drove ahead in one car and we followed. They were armed with a GPS device and the driver's word that he knows how to get there. That was a big mistake. We left at 10:30am and didn't get to the day-use picnic site until close to 1:00pm. That's about 2hrs 30min spent driving around trying to get there. It was very frustrating. /Mistake #1 - Not Coming Prepared The first mistake we made was