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Cleaning Your Gutters the Quick, Safe, and Most Inexpensiv​e Way

I noticed that water wasn't draining properly through one of the downsprouts serving the gutter from the top-most part of the roof, about 20 feet high. One can tell that the downsprout was clogged because rain water would fill the gutter and spill over a corner of the roof. I had to get up there and remove the debris but it was so high up and am scared of heights. I called around and received a few quotes. My sister said that she paid $100 to have her gutters at home cleaned but she might have said that she used a Groupon discount. Wife had someone come to the house and say it would cost us $300 to clean all our gutters. I decided to do it myself. My neighbor Martin has a ladder that extends to 20 feet that he lets everyone in our culdesac borrow as needed. However, it wouldn't be long enough to climb on top of the roof (and I wouldn't even if it was long enough). I decided to get one of those gutter hoses that extend to limitless heights and spray super high velocity w

Weekend Getaway Treat: Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington

We went to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle-Washington this past weekend and I thought it was a great weekend destination. Kids loved it because the little guy kept screaming at the top of his voice each time we went to see a new species; and my wife and I had a good workout because we went over the zoo grounds twice. The zoo is open until 6pm on the weekends so we made sure to come in early to have time to see all the attractions. To do this, we decided to stay overnight at nearby La Quinta hotel in Everett which is about 30 minutes away north of the zoo and then be able to easily get to the zoo the next morning. This hotel is also only 25 minutes south of the Premium Outlets and/or Walmart in Tulalip so that one could go shopping during the day before checking in at the hotel. There is a $6 discount for the Woodland Park Zoo from the hotel brochures counter so this is another incentive for staying overnight. The entrance fee was around $18 for adults and $12 for chi

Part 2: Finally Discovered Why My Vitapur Water Dispenser Is Leaking

This is a continuation from my previous post titled "Product Review:  My Vitapur Water Dispenser Has Started Leaking" linked here .  I have since moved the unit to the garage to avoid damages due to  flooding mishaps and believe I have narrowed it down to a defective  water bottle. I have two 18L water bottles that I prefill to save me a trip to the  water depot whenever one is depleted. I noticed that one of the two  causes a slow but steady internal leak. I won't use that from now on  and will see if that finally puts an end to the madness. The user  manuals indicate that the water bottle could be the source of the  problem but just like maps, I never pay attention to either of them. That'll teach me.