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Whiterock Beach is a Rock-Solid Summertime Destination

Just spent the day walking around the beach today watching the tide
change from low to high tide. We walked around barefooted enjoying
the feel of slimy seaweed and warm water on our feet. There were
people flying kites and kids running around catching baby crabs on the
sand. It was low tide early in the morning so it was easy to see all
the creepy crawlies.We had fish & chips at the Moby Dick Restaurant
(, 15479 Marine Drive, 604-536-2424). There is always a line up because the fish is so good. I usually get the
2-piece fish & chips for $14.95. A medium drink and small home-made
tartar sauce usually sets me back $35 because I usually grab two
orders. There were picnic benches alongside the beach so it was
perfect.We walked off the big lunch along the seawall to ensure we burn off
some of the fat. Along the way, we saw a bald eagle guarding its nest.It's hard to really burn off any fat because K & C always fancy a bit
of ice cream after meals…

Organic Blueberries (has to be)

My neighbor invited us over to her blueberry farm on the 32nd Avenue
and 176th Street area in Surrey, BC. Just like in previous years, she
says that they didn't maintain the blueberry farm this year because
there is no market for it; their tractor that clears the overgrown
weeds is broken; and that her aging father could no longer take care
of the farm work. Regardless of all these reasons, I think there was
plenty of the blueberries for harvest this year. My wife says they are
'organic' just because of all the overgrown weeds. I'm fairly certain
they just left the crops alone this year which probably means no
pesticides, fertilizers, etc. were used.A group of us went to the farm over the weekend including P, A, N, W,
V, and R. It was hard work just to fill one basket and we wonder how
professional blueberry-pickers do it, day in and out. We gave Gabriel
and Natasha some of our pickings (there was a lot) and wife has
already made blueberry muffins out of some of them. The rest is i…

Berry-picking at Krause Berry Farm in Langley

After the trip to the zoo last weekend, we headed out to the Krause
Berry Farm in Langley the very next day for some berry-picking and
farm animal-petting fun. My sister, Dennis, kids, my mom, and family
all went. Melvin, Patricia, and kids were also there (although I
didn't quite see them in the farm as we were madly trying to fill our
basket full of blueberries). We didn't go into the raspberry patch as
there weren't as much and decided we would rather just buy more of the
blueberries from the store in the farm instead. We also purchased some
strawberries and corn, and the berry-flavored pies all looked so good.
We'll get some of those next time.There is a fenced petting area where I saw a llama and goats, and you
can purchase feed for $2. There is a horse-carriage and rides were
offered around the farm for $2 each. We didn't go into the rides this
time.I lined-up at the concession stand to get us some drinks as it was
very hot that day. I ordered lemonade drinks (flavors wer…

A Roaring Fun Time at the Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove

We took the kids to the Greater Vancouver Zoo this past weekend with
my sister, Dennis, A & A, and mom. The rates were decent at $22.25 for
adults and $16.25 for kids 3 years old and up bought train ride tickets at the gate and they were about $5 for
adults, and no fees for kids 3 and under. The train ride wasn't too
busy on the Sunday and the driver+guide was very lively and
educational. Compared to the Buffalo Zoo in New York, I would say the
Greater Vancouver zoo has a lot more acreage to house bigger outdoor
animals but less to house smaller ones like birds, reptiles,
amphibians. We needed to take the train ride because there was too
much land to cover. I don't remember any train rides at the Buffalo
Zoo.In addition to taking the train ride, we rented one of those
triple-seater bicycles, which allows for 2 adults to pedal, a third
adult to sit in between, and allows for 3 toddles to sit in front. It
was a lot of fun taking the 1 h…

Trip to Jollibee and Chowking in Seattle - a weekend retreat

We visited the Westfield SouthCenter Mall in Washington this past long
weekend with my brother, Weng, V, and family, to eat at Jollibee and
Chowking, and to shop at Seafood City and Valerio's Bakery. It was my
first time visiting and we were thrilled. We stayed at a nearby Best
Western Hotel so that we could keep coming back to the mall to try out
different foods/snacks and spend time shopping for popular Filipino
products. I finally tried Chicken Joy and Palabok at Jollibee. The
beef wonton soup at Chowking was very tasty and the halo-halo was
worth the 10 minute lineup. Valerio's Bakery had a collection of my
childhood favorite snacks like espasol, sapin-sapin, cuchinta, suman,
etc. I bought one of each to bring back to Vancouver for co-workers
and also to savor for later. Seafood City is just like T&T Supermarket
but the aisles are all filled with Filipino products and everyone
around speaks Tagalog. Miss that.The drive from the US/Canada border to Jollibee, Chowking, Seafood
City, o…