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Thomas & Friends kid's birthday party - what worked and didn't

We had a Thomas & Friends themed birthday party over this past Easter
weekend at home. I couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend. The
weather was sunny and hot, and I believe the kids had fun. We had the
bouncy castle in full effect in the backyard and had BBQ going.Some of the children activities included:
1) Easter egg hunt;
2) Tape the tail on the donkey blindfolded (we didn't want to use pins);
3) Hit the Pinata shaped like one of the Thomas & Friends characters;
4) Thomas & Friends birthday ice cream cake from Dairy Queen;
5) Trip to the Sullivan Heights Elementary School playground;
6) Gift opening;
6) and all day bouncy castle bouncing.Some things that worked well for this birthday included:
1) Order birthday supplies 11 days in advance from Everyone enjoyed the banner.
2) Use Facebook to set up the event and to send out quick invites.
It's quicker than sending out snail mail invites (although we had nice
themed cards).
3) Schedule the pa…

Why do I run the Vancouver 10K SunRun?

Just completed another year of 10K Vancouver Sunrun and I believe that
makes 5 years in a row now. I have religiously been at it and have
never missed a year. Not sure what your motivation is for doing the
sun run but I am going to attemp to explain mine.I used to run cross-country in highschool and was in the soccer team.
I would say that helped with my endurance and allows me to keep doing
the sun run every year. However, my childhood friend Gilbert on
Facebook says "gone are the days", when I posted that this year's sun
run wasn't my personal best. It took me 1:05 to complete this year and
my fastest was under an hour. Checkout the results here think the reason I run every year is to beat my previous time. It
isn't to compete with anyone and it's not for the cardio workout
(otherwise I would train for it and run more often). The reason I run
is purely to improve on my last time. That is it. It gi…

What makes a good father?

I'm not even going to suggest that I am one and that I'm going to give
you the answers. Its more a question that I ask to you for answers
because I want to make sure I am being the best father to my children.
I believe talking about what qualities make a good father will steer
me into the correct path and realize some changes I need to make.I think I can draw upon experiences shared with my own father and how
our father-son relationship have been so far. To be unselfish, open,
and selfless is what this whole thing teaches me. I'm sure my father
has been through a lot raising us and I thank the heavens for him. He
teaches me to value education, be independent, and be self-reliant.
In addition to this and more importantly, impart to your kids that it
is ok to rely on others, to study hard but have fun studying, to
always spend quality time with loved ones, and to cultivate good
friendships. Being good providers to your family is key but it's not
all about money right?This is my rant…