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Valentine's Day Everyday

It's been a few days after the day and I recount the experience
leading up to the hype that is Valentine's Day. I'm glad it's over
because it was a little expensive for me. I understand why some people
say we should celebrate V-day everyday but it gets stressful and
depletes your finances if not careful. It's very easy to get carried
away in the emotion of it all and personally, I'm glad it's a
once-a-year event.Here is my simplistic approach/formula for making it a successful day,
i.e. Wife + Happy = Happy Life. I list 4 items I did to make this
happen:1) The present - A Gift card
Talk it over with her a few weeks before and see if she would like to
be surprised or if she would rather go out and buy it herself. Gift
cards are easy as long as you get the correct store name for the gift
card from her. This is important because you cannot refund gift cards.
I didn't know about that, did you? I got one from the perfume store
Sephora Thoughtful…

4 Advice I Gave to a Crying Hair Stylist

I was at a Magicut Salon yesterday for a much needed haircut and was
suprised to get a teary-eyed hair stylist. I stopped here on my way to
a dentist appointment and was mildly surprised at the experience while
at the salon that day.A customer and her sister were having a loud argument in the salon
with another hair stylist, about the hourly rates for doing her hair.
Customer said she was promised $10 an hour by my hair stylist, when in
fact it should have been around $25. My hair stylist started
whispering to me about the situation, how they failed to understand
what she meant about the advertised reduced rate, and how she will
probably get fired over this. She started to cry saying this is the
last I'll be seeing of her at the salon. I felt bad for her, and
worried a little about what she might do to my hair. Not sure if I
have ever gotten a haircut from a crying hairstylist, so I continued
to listen in.She said that she was hated at that salon by one very mean
co-harstylist, who talked about…