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Engine Break Cable Replacement for my Lawn Mower

It's been more than 3 years since I had any issues with my  11A-410A552 MTD Yard Machine lawn  mower (see previous history here ) so it must be time for it to give me some anti-love. The engine break cable broke this past week so I couldn't mow the lawn. It also broke a while back but I was able to jerry-rig a replacement by re-connecting the cut cables with some wires and super glue. Can't believe that it lasted for 3 years.  Instead of doing the same fix this time, I gave in and bought a replacement engine break cable.  I searched around the web for the correct part number to order from MTD's website or from Ebay but my lawn mower must have been made before 1996 because I can't find any manuals for it.   The closest I could find was from Sears with part#746-0551 but said it was a throttle cable. It didn't look right so I just went to CanadianTire and was lucky that MTD sold this pa