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Frustrating experience we had with a Honeywell baseboard heater

Here is a review of a baseboard heater for use in your basement if you
are in the market for one. I just thought I would write one up because
of the hassle I had to go through with my initial choice for a heater.I bought the Honeywell HZ-515C baseboard heater at Canadian Tire for
$59 back in August 2008. It was for the basement suite where our
friends Gabriel and Natasha are. It worked well for medium to large
rooms and was quiet which was a great selling feature. However, by
April 2009, the unit had stopped working and I was forced to get it
replaced. The replacement warranty was 3 years for these units and it
was only 9 months of use.The replacement unit was fine until it stopped working again in March
2010. This was almost a full year of use but I wasn't impressed at
this point. I went back to Canadian Tire and wasn't surprised to see
that they no longer carry this model. Even if they did carry it, I
would probably just pick a different model for the same amount which
is what I did toda…