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Block Party at Sullivan Heights 61B Ave

We just finished another successful neighborhood get-together in theform of a block party at our culdesac. It was organized by Tina and Arminder this year because Dave did it last year. It was great. We had greek and tandoori barbecued chicken. They said it was from a punjab store on 152nd street, behind the temple. We'll try it out next time. It was pot luck so grace cooked her famous spring rolls. Grinded some onions and garlic with brown vinegar for the dip. It was a winnner. There were a few pregnant women there and some toddlers. Serena was there, late because she was taking some powerpoint courses. She brought her daughter who brought her boyfriend who brought his two cute chiwawas. They were shivering all night but I think that's how they normally are. It was a little chilly last night which is why kyle and I left early. Serena's brother peter also showed up for a little bit. His 16 year old son is a karate blackbelt and is competing in Morocco. That's an entire

Kyle's 1-year baptism anniversary

We celebrated Kyle's 1-year baptism anniversary with his ninong Raul, Helen, Antonio, and Iris. I can't believe its been a year already. He received a children's bible and a cross as gifts. Helen also brought him some flowers. So thoughtful. Kyle was so happy to see antonio and iris and kept hugging the both of them. Kyle had the sniffles unfortunately and kept on sneezing, with tons of snot coming out his nose. Poor guy. I hope antonio and iris don't get sick after this. Anyway, we had some wine, 1516 lager, ribs (sauce was a litlle hot for the kids), salad, spring rolls, and pansit. I was stuffed. Grace did a great job preparing the meal seeing as she is very pregnant and didn't get enough sleep the night before.

Confederation Park birthday party for Alexa

It was my goddaughter Alexa's 4th birthday this past weekend and we celebrated it at the confederation park in burnaby. We rode the minitrain around the tracks. The mini train is run by volunteers, mostly by funny retired engineers who drive everyone around and around all day. I took a video of us, including Kyle, on one of the mini train cars and will post it here soon. I just have to stitch them all up so its one contiguous movie.