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Tire For Phil&Teds Stroller Explodes

Quick tip for new baby stroller owners: Do not inflated your deflated stroller tires at a gas station air pump. The reason for the above tip is to avoid the uneccessary expense of replacing the entire wheel because of a tire explosion which was so strong and extreme that it shattered the rims. It cost me $40+ to purchase a new wheel at Phil&Teds which I could have easily spent on manual tire pumps instead. The maximum recommended is 22 PSI for baby stroller tires and using the air pumps at the gas station makes it hard to estimate that unless you use a tire gauge. The tires exploded while we were at a food court, while we were immobile and kids weren't even seated in the strollers. It just popped and caused everyone to look because it sounded like a gunshot. Glad nobody got hurt from any flying wheel rim debris.