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Birthday Party at Fun4Kidz

It was my niece Halle's birthday party this past weekend and we were were invited to take part in the festivities - thanks. The kids really enjoyed themselves and so did I as I climbed after K and C through the numerous tunnels in the playcenter. The indoor playcentre is located inside the Park Royal mall and it was booked for the private party, closing it off to the public. There were two on-duty staff to help with childcare, but one at the end after the mall closed at 6pm. Fresh socks were purchased by Halle's mom, my cousin, for kids (and adults) who didn't wear any so that was thoughtful of her. There was cheese and pepperoni pizza in the separate party room and juice boxes provided for all the kids. There must have been over 20 kids and they all fit in the long dinner table. Chocolate ice-cream cake was served and we all sang "Happy Birthday Halle". Staff took care of the event schedules, food/drink service, cake-cutting, and cleanup. They even let Halle'

Summer Vacation 2011

Just got back from an awesome 2-week vacation back east in Ontario. Weather there was nice and dry unlike here in Vancouver. I'm also glad temperatures soared to 32 degrees during my visit because I can safely say I didn't miss summer this year. More importantly, we got to see our family and created lasting memories for my two young children. We rented an economy car with Enterprise rent-a-car at 1400 Upper James Road for $157 per week and was a great deal because it came with unlimited mileage. This helped because we drove quite a bit. Here are the places we went to see, in this order. (Downtown Hamilton; ) This is where my family lives and where we stayed at for 5 days. Downtown has a lot of history in it and I noticed that most of the residences/commercial buildings appear to be made out of red bricks. (Gage Park, Hamilton, Ontario; ) There was a fair at a nearby park and we walked there to check it ou