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Student Story: A Bertelsmann Technology Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence

As part of the Udacity Bertelsmann Technology scholarship, I was asked to write a student story to provide feedback on the overall experience. There were 3 questions on a Google form and these were my answers to those questions below. What do you want the world to know about you?   Loving husband and father to two wonderful kids. My passion is academia and enjoy the journey of learning. I have accumulated many certificates, diplomas, and degrees over the years. Some from self-study, some from traditional brick-and-mortar schools, and more recently from online/distance learning platforms like this Udacity challenge. I enjoy the adventure offered by learning something new to better myself and those around me. I learned this from my father and hope to pass this love of learning down to my children as well. Why did you apply for this Scholarship? I wanted to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and was already on the waitlist to get to Georgia Tech CS 7638 AI4R course at that time, so