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Def Leppard Concert

I bought two Def Leppard tickets very early on (months in advance) but since Grace got pregnant, we decided she probably shouldn't go. Not sure what rock-and-roll music will do to an unborn infant. I asked Raul if he could go and what a guy, he pulled through. He even cancelled 2 prior commitments just to make it to the concert. Thanks buddy. Better still, Raul also was a big fan so it was a great choice. This is me and Raul wasted on beer. It was great. The opening act was Styx. Haven't heard much of their songs but they did get the crowd going. Here is opening for Def Leppard. The stadium was in total pandemonium. Everyone was on their feet. A bunch of couples in our row and behind us were all smoking pot. Mmmm. Smell of pot. It was like living in the 80's again. Here is the lead singer. Great seeing the one-armed drummer still doing his thing. I loved the concert. Especially when they played rocket man, pour some sugar on me, and hysteria. Rock and roll.

13 weeks into the pregnancy

This is what my wife looks like at 13 weeks into the pregnancy. She is eating a lot of fruits and is always tired. She is now at 134 lbs, up by 4 lbs from a month ago. We haven't actually measured her waistline yet but will soon enough in order to get a baseline for when her tummy starts to show. Here is a nice shot take from behind our one red apple in the backyard. Nice and juicy apple. I can't get myself to harvest this fruit seeing as it's the only one in the tree. Can you see Grace in the background? This is how tall our pear tree is in the backyard.

Finally heard the heartbeat

Grace and I finally heard my kid's heartbeat at 12 weeks using the fetal doppler device. We were nervous at first because we couldn't hear anything at first. We heard Grace's own heartbeat and then the device started sputtering until we couldn't hear anything. Turns out the device was low on battery and it just needed a new pair. Dr. Shuurman went back to using the doppler on Grace's stomach and after a few seconds of discovery, we finally hear the strong beat of my kid's heart. putumpt-putumpt-putumpt... It was the most exciting thing for us. Almost as if my wife had given birth right there and then. Our next appointment is in a month and I can hardly wait. This pregnancy thing isn't at all easy, is it? The anxiety is the worst.