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Success Story Renewing my Okta Maintenance Certification thru Examity

 The Okta Certified Professional certification had to be renewed every 2 years and my maintenance exam was due on July 30, 2023. I was confident about passing the exam because I had just completed an HRIS mastering project and Okta. However, the exam format was unnatural using DOMC (discreet option multiple choice), so I had to study and review a fair bit of material to prepare. 

After studying a decent amount, I scheduled my exam for Tuesday, June 27, 2023. After hitting the next page, there was an error so I hit the back button and tried again. I was able to get it scheduled but didn't know that the exam date was actually scheduled for Sunday, June 25, 2023, for some reason. There was a confirmation email stating that but of course, I did not read it because I was focused on the Tuesday, June 27th date. I continued cramming until Tuesday but realized in horror that I was a no-show when I logged in 30 minutes before the exam at 10:30pm. If you have ever done offsite exams, you know the amount of mental preparation one goes through to psyche themselves. I was ready to take the exam and when I saw no exam waiting for me to take on my dashboard, I immediately started a chat session with support. 

Examity support was very professional and did put my mind at ease that night with a promise of a solution. The next day, a different Examity support personnel did follow-up but they said it was out of their hands. Each time I replied, a different person would reply so I felt there was history lost. They kept asking me to contact Okta licensing for the refund which I initially didn't understand but if this ever happens to you, please listen because they know what they are talking about. The Okta licensing support was also very professional and made an extraordinary exception to process my refund. They did clearly indicate that no-shows are non-refundable but my argument was that it was a glitch in the calendaring system that caused the wrong appointment and that this would be a special circumstance. I have definitely learned to read the follow-up email confirmation indicating the appointment date and time. I initially panicked because the dashboard said I had until June 30 to take the exam and wanted the opportunity to be able to do a retake before then,  Okta licensing said the dashboard will indicate an end-of-month date within each month but to only focus on my actual credential expiry, which was July 30. I had time to wait for the refund and continue to cram.

I did get a refund on June 29, 2023 from MyCommerce who was the seller of the exam and I was pleasantly surprised because it only took 2-3 days to turn it all around. The cost to me was CAD$154.83 so it wasn't pocket change and was very grateful for the refund. I doubled my study efforts to ensure I passed the exam after going through this ordeal and inconveniencing everyone involved. I booked it on July 28, 2023, this time making doubly sure I checked the appointment date and time. I took the exam and passed.

Okta Certified Professional - Credly

Here is the initial chat transcript of the night of horror when I realized there was no exam for me. If you have done this before, you know it is hard to keep calm. Enjoy.  

Support (6/27/2023, 7:29:55 PM): Thank you for contacting Examity Support! My name is Support. I look forward to assisting you today. 

In order for me to look up your Examity profile, please tell me your name, email address, the name of the institution you are testing with, and the best phone number to call you back in case the chat session is disconnected. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:30:25 PM): Chromilo Amin 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:30:35 PM): Okta 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:30:48 PM): XXXXXXX

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:31:07 PM): XXXXXXX

Support (6/27/2023, 7:31:49 PM): Hi Chromilo, thank you for confirming the details. How may I assist you today? 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:32:28 PM): My Okta Maintenance exam is unproctored 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:32:39 PM): Can you reschedule it for tonight? 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:33:05 PM): Exam ID XXXXXXX

Support (6/27/2023, 7:33:27 PM): I understand that you would like to reschedule your appointment, is that correct? 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:34:53 PM): yes 

Support (6/27/2023, 7:35:04 PM): No worries, you have reached the right department, we will certainly help you with the issue. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:35:07 PM): I don't need a proctor 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:35:16 PM): my exam is unproctored 

Support (6/27/2023, 7:38:16 PM): Chromilo, I see your exam scheduled on 06/25/2023 10:30 PM is marked as No-show as you did not turn up for the exam. As the exam is processed, you cannot reschedule the scam appointment. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:38:30 PM): there is a problem with the scheduling on your end 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:38:43 PM): I did not book June 25 but June 27 

Support (6/27/2023, 7:38:52 PM): Please schedule a new appointment in order to take the exam.. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:39:02 PM): I paid money 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:39:15 PM): the exam is unproctored 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:39:24 PM): the issue is with Examity calendar 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:39:30 PM): scheduling. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:40:33 PM): It is not my fault 

Support (6/27/2023, 7:40:36 PM): Chromilo, once you schedule an exam you'll receive a confirmation e-mail. As you did not turn up for the exam on time. The appointment is processed. Please schedule a new appointment in order to take the exam. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:40:42 PM): the software is faulty 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:41:23 PM): It shows no-show because I scheduled it for today not June 25 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:42:03 PM): I will reverse my credit card payment for this if I cannot reschedule 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:42:18 PM): this is not my fault 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:43:16 PM): I will call my credit card department to block this payment as it is incorrect, please advise 

Support (6/27/2023, 7:43:42 PM): I need a moment to review. I will be back to you in a few minutes with an update. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:43:50 PM): thanks 

Support (6/27/2023, 7:45:09 PM): Thank you for being online. 

Support (6/27/2023, 7:46:03 PM): We just check with my internal team, as you haven't paid for the exam through Examity page. We kindly request you to check with Okta, as they're right point of contact. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:46:51 PM): I paid through Examity page, my invoice says Examity not Okta 

Support (6/27/2023, 7:47:54 PM): Can you please help me with the Invoice ID. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:48:31 PM): Invoice for order # XXXXXXX 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:49:05 PM): Sequential invoice no.: XXXXXXX

Support (6/27/2023, 7:49:38 PM): Thank you, Please allow me a moment. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:50:10 PM): ok 

Support (6/27/2023, 7:51:16 PM): Thank you for being online. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:52:38 PM): I did not receive the service 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:52:53 PM): that is my reason for reversing the charge 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:53:49 PM): Once I cancel, I can book another one tonight 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:54:09 PM): I mean once I reverse the charge, I can book the exam tonight 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:54:23 PM): which is when I planned to take the exam 

Support (6/27/2023, 7:55:13 PM): Thank you for being patient. I am currently still researching the issue. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:55:21 PM): ok 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:56:06 PM): please tell your internal team it is not proctored, meaning there is no concept of a no-show 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:56:25 PM): I should be able to take it without a schedule 

Support (6/27/2023, 7:58:36 PM): I'll quickly escalate the issue to the concerned team for refund. It just takes 24-48 hours for an update. 

Support (6/27/2023, 7:58:51 PM): You'll receive an update via email. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:58:59 PM): oh great thank you 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 7:59:14 PM): I need to take this exam before June 30 

Support (6/27/2023, 8:01:00 PM): I've successfully escalated the issue to the concerned team. Please wait 24-48 hours for an update via email. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 8:02:02 PM): ok, so the escalation is for a refund. Once I get it, I will schedule another exam hopefully before June 30 

Support (6/27/2023, 8:02:51 PM): Once the refund is initiated it just takes 7-10 business days to hit your financial Institutions. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 8:03:21 PM): I see 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 8:03:34 PM): will I get an email confirmation tomorrow however? 

Support (6/27/2023, 8:04:33 PM): It takes 24-48 hours from now to get an update. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 8:04:59 PM): that's great, thanks so much for your understanding and help 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 8:05:13 PM): I will wait for the email 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 8:05:18 PM): thanks again 

Support (6/27/2023, 8:05:58 PM): Have I answered your questions today and do you have any other questions? 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 8:06:55 PM): actually I would like a reference number or a contact number I can followup on? 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 8:07:12 PM): or ticket number 

Support (6/27/2023, 8:07:13 PM): For reference, your case number is XXXXXXX. Please contact us at any time for additional assistance. 

chromilo (6/27/2023, 8:07:26 PM): great 

Support (6/27/2023, 8:07:49 PM): Thank you for contacting Examity Support!  For reference, your case number is XXXXXXX. Please contact us at any time for additional assistance. Have a great day! 


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