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Night Out With our PS3 Rock Band Crew in Toronto

After a few days of intense non-stop work, we were glad to unwind with a friend who lives in Toronto. Driving to his place was an adventure even with a GPS, as we unintentionally got onto railroad tracks towards incoming train cars. Honest mistake. We went to his quaint lowrise condo in the Toronto proper for some chips, chicharon, roasted almonds, home-made salsa dip and guacamole. His condo complex is a long brick warehouse on the west side of Lansdowne just below Davenport. This converted warehouse has a very big atrium for residents and it's very beautiful. It reminds me of the houses in the Yaletown district in Vancouver. He also served some local beer, including Coffee Porter beer which I enjoyed last time we visited with him at a local distillery in the old Toronto area. For dinner, we went out to Zocalo bistro / restaurant at The Junction, which is an up and coming neighborhood hangout for the working-types I am told. We had three different types of cheese, a few shareable

Great Alternative to Sleeping on the Streets

I saw this homeless man sleeping on the Canada Line on my way to the YVR Airport. I forgot to disembark at the terminus station and the skytrain started heading back to the Waterfront station. I noticed that the homeless person stayed on and continued sleeping, so I gathered that he probably had been sleeping on the same train going back and forth between terminus stations. Nothing wrong with that because I know that riding the skytrain lulls me to sleep everytime I take it. Its a little chilly outside before 8am so I'm sure the poor guy was probably just trying to keep warm. I hope transit officers don't kick him out for overstaying on the trains as it appears it isn't too busy.