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My beautiful baby girl Camille is born

My wife Grace just finished a marathon it feels like, giving birth to our 7.35 lbs baby girl. Grace didn't use any epidural and was instead using laughing gas for pain management. We came in to the birthing unit at 7pm but her contactions started around 3pm. Thank goodness my mother-in-law is here and Philip also agreed to sleep over to help her look after Kyle. I can't believe how much we missed Kyle as it was the first night we spent away from each other. We received Camille Kate November 4 2009 at 1:53am at the Surrey Memorial Birthing unit. She came out very quiet at first but was soon crying and I immediately noticed her two dimples on her cheeks. Very nice. She also has a full set of hair already and I know she will be very beautiful just like her mother. I cut her umbilical cord and was very happy with the miracle. I just can't believe my wife's strength for delivering this bundle of joy. You should have seen Grace. She was in a lot of pain and I truly love her