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Product Review: My Vitapur Water Dispenser Has Started Leaking

We purchased the Vitapur VWD5446BLS water dispenser from Canadian Tire in 2008 and it's taken until 2012 for an issue to come up with it. I would say that is very good for any product. The problem is that it leaks and creates a puddle when plugged in overnight. When unplugged however, there is no leak. I checked the coils in the back and there were some condensate the first time it happened so I reduced the mperature setting so that it's not too cold. However, I think I set it in the reverse direction, setting it colder, and I'm not sure if that caused another puddle overnight. It seems extreme if the issue is with condensation. I emailed the makers GreenwayHp Support and received great customer service. They walked me through the obvious, like check for cracks in the water bottle, but in the end I wouldn't be able to get any service for it because it was already out of warranty. I asked for local repair shops and they suggested Langara Appliance in Burnaby. I

Caring for my Penguin Egg

Little K learned from class last week how a male penguin keeps the egg warm until it hatches. They were tasked to do the same at home, with a hard boiled egg, to teach the child responsibility. They were to care for the egg, take it wherever they go, and keep a journal of the adventure. Here is K's journal (with a little help from us): "I received my very own penguin egg to care for and keep safe on Wednesday morning. My Mom placed my penguin egg in a ziplock bag and asked me to take care of it like we learned in class. It keeps it warm and cozy being inside the bag. My sister C also wanted to care for my egg but I didn't let her. She took it from me during playtime at home and I cried. A lot. My Mom helped get it back at which point I decided to keep it in my pocket. I carried it around like that all day until we took a nap. I put my egg on my pillow and we took a nap together. After naptime we went to Costco and we took my penguin egg with us. It was in my pocket a