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Redwood Park Field Trip

My kids just had a school fieldtrip a few days ago at Redwood Park in South Surrey. It was a huge group as siblings were allowed to come with. The idea was to go out and explore the great outdoors; look for any creepy crawlies; examine the tiny custom-decorated doors covering the maple syrup outlets at the base of some of the maple trees; and enjoy the beautiful playground after a light snack at the covered picnic tables. The playground was decent with lots of different equipments I don't usually see at most playgrounds. Your kids would love it here.

The Fair at the PNE 2012

We had reservations about going to the PNE this year because of three major considerations, namely costs, lack of parking, and crowds. I'm glad to have gone this year however because we were fortunate with each of these categories. First, we saved $7 at the ticket entrance by using a group code provided as a benefit at work and pre-printing it online. We could have saved on the rides as well but decided to buy the ride tickets as needed. This year the kids were older and taller which meant they got to go on the following rides listed below. The lineups were decent (under 15 minutes each) except for the rollercoaster which was a little more popular: Helicopter Miniature Train Dumbo Elephants Merry-go-round, jeeps and horses Kettle Rollercoaster As far as parking was concerned, we were able to find non-metered street parking very close to the entrance on Hastings Street. We found it quickly too so this was a plus. In previous years, we found parking 3 city bl

GoThai Restaurant or Go Home

It was our wedding anniversary a few days ago and we headed out to our old favorite Thai House restaurant at Station Square in Metrotown, Burnaby. It was our special dine-out hang-out during pre-children bliss. Unfortunately, that location is undergoing some renovations and has been closed indefinitely (that will teach me for not calling in advance to make reservations). I looked online for another Thai restaurant nearby and found GoThai Restaurant in the Sapperton area of New Westminster. It's not quite fine-dining like Thai House and appeared to have more take-out orders than sit-ins. We ordered Tom Yum Goong soup for our appetizer and it was decent but didn't have the crab legs that we were used to having. Nothing special I can call home to mom about. We had the Red Curry dish which was good and the seafood platter which again didn't have the special kick I was looking for. We did like the Black Sticky Rice and Taro pudding for dessert which I think is wor