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Name That Saint or Hero Challenge

Last week, I helped my kid with his homework to name as many saints or heroes from a poster of cartoon characters. It was difficult and we could only name a few like Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa, or Joan of Arc. These characters always wore the same clothes so it was easy. It was especially difficult naming the other characters  because I had just come back home from a week long trip by bus from Seattle. I wasn't really into it and could hardly see the image that my wife took of the poster. At one point, I named rapper Tupac Shakur as one of the characters on the poster (I'm a big fan). Under different circumstances, we would have named more but apparently our efforts were good enough because my kid received a medal for it. That's awesome.

Samaritan's Christmas Child Program - Our Shoebox for the Year

My wife and kids put together this present/package for a 2-4 year-old girl to receive this Christmas. The kids didn't want to part with their red fox plush toy so we put in a teddy bear instead. On top of that, they put in crayons, a dress, toothbrushes, a story book (which took my daughter some convincing to let go), monetary donation, etc. I was late in bringing the shoebox for our group dropoff at the downtown location so I had to go to the Greyhound bus depot at 295 Terminal Avenue,in heavy rain, to drop it off personally. Happy to do it.