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Past New Year resolutions

I thought I would share my private New Year's resolution for 2008. This list was in a sealed envelope and I only remembered the list as I was contemplating on my new ones for 2010. Why a sealed envelope?Traditionally, family and friends would get together on New Year's eve to count down. As part of the count down, I would ask anybody interested to jot down on a piece of paper their top 3-5 next year's resolutions. They would then fold this and tuck it in one envelope I provide, which gets sealed after. It gets opened a year later and the pieces of paper are handed back to their owners unread and in private. I have posted an image of the list that I made because nothing is ever private in my life. Of the 4 items that I had listed, I didn't accomplish even one of them. This is sad but challenging because it makes me want to keep at it for 2009 or 2010 unless priorities change. We skipped making a list for 2009 for some reason. For 2010, we had a quiet New Year's at ho