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Holloween 2010 at Sullivan Station neighborhood

Holloween this year was a lot better than last year I would say. It was Camille's first and she wore Kyle's chicken costume from last year. Kyle was dressed up as Zimba from Lion King. Manick, Wheng, Naneng, and Chrissa were with us to experience the fun and excitement our tightly knit neighborhood has to offer on Holloween. The house in the next block always had the greatest display of scary ghouls, music, video display, and fog. He had a ghost buster van parked in front of his house and played the Michael Jackson music repeatedly. Nice speakers. The fog machine was in full effect at his neighbor's house as well so that block was fully encased in mist. Really spooky. Here is a video of it for your delight. We walked around the neighborhood and captured on video other great ghastly displays but have not had time to post them yet. Kyle was on my shoulders the whole time as he was scared of all the masks and displays. He'll be better next year and I think he is lear