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The Worst Dining Experience Ever

I had the worst dining experience at IL UK JO Japanese/Korean restaurant, in Fleetwood, Surrey, BC on Father's Day. I didn't know that this restaurant had a bad reputation when it comes to all-you-can-eat until I read reviews online from other food patrons. This is just a recollection of my lunch experience there and is not meant to bad-mouth the establishment. I leave it up to you to decide on your own. I heard from online reviews that if you ordered from the menu, customer service wasn't so bad but if you go for the all-you-can eat option which is what we did, then you will get treated very poorly. The reason we dined out was to enjoy the company of loved ones on Father's Day but it ended up being very unenjoyable, leaving me a bad taste in my mouth the whole day. I hated having to get up to ask for missing cutlery, napkins, water, tea, etc. They don't 'wait' on you like at other restaurants and it felt very hostile with a feeling that they don't want

A Letter to Thomas the Tank Engine

This was similar to writing a letter to Santa Claus on Christmas, but to a Tank Engine. I suppose the Conductors or Train Engineers will be writing back on Thomas' behalf. We went to "Day Out With Thomas" in Squamish this past weekend and my son was ecstatic. The train tickets were around $22 each and babies didn't need to pay. I bought the tickets online thru and the tickets were ready for pickup at the gate when I got there. I wasn't sure at first because I always dealt with but it all worked out and was hassle-free. After the 50 minute train ride, we headed to a tent where your toddler can write letters to any one of the Thomas & Friends characters. They provide a sheet of paper and a postage-paid envelope. I sat my toddler down and we scribbled his name on the letter. We wrote - "To: Thomas, I was so happy to see you today. My sister and I enjoyed the ride very much. We hope to see you with Percy, Gordon, and James soon. T

House-cleaning: a guide to getting out of doing them

I'm writing this as part of an interview assignment for a part-time Freelance Writer position in Vancouver. I can only hope that this pushes me past the hundred or so applicants. The topic assigned was "house-cleaning" so here it goes. I know this is one topic that most guys will agree is in their top 10 of most hated chores around the house. If I can afford it, I will pay someone to come and do it for me every week, topless if they need to. Seriously though, I just don't like house-cleaning. I don't mind taking out the garbage on Tuesdays or doing the dishes after every meal. Mowing the lawn is also not bad and doing a deep clean of the carpet is tolerable. I don't even mind folding clothes out of the dryer. This is especially time-consuming because of all the little-people-clothings we have to fold. I just don't like house-cleaning however. Here are some excuses (most are valid) that I use to get out of doing house-cleaning. 1) Bring work home. If you sa