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Top 6 local summer destinations in 2010

This summer we hit up various places while showing Nang and Kim
around. They are leaving in a week and this is the perfect time to go
over this we did and places we visited with them. Here is my list of
top 6 local summer destinations in 2010.1) Cultus Lake
Find a picnic bench close to the swimming area. Water is nice and
warm, scenery is sureal, and its close to water slides. They also have
swap meet with tons of vendors selling everyday trinkets.2) Buntzen Lake
Getting to the lake is through dense forest vegetation and its also
not too far from civilization. The day we went, there was a fire ban
and only propane tanks were allowed for bbq. Good thing a friend
brought over some propane tank otherwise we would have starved. Again,
scenery was awesome and although there was no cellphone signal by the
lake, they have public phones by the picnic areas.3) Bellis Fair Mall in Washington
The closest big mall south of the border. We had our craving for all
you can eat buffets, and shopping at Hollister, A…