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Donate to the Operation Christmas Child Program

This is the first year we have donated to Samaritan's Purse for the Operation Christmas Child program.
Great to actually do that on top of or instead of just buying family
gifts during Christmas.We have just dropped off our one shoebox filled with toys, clothes,
and a personalized Christmas card for a 2-4 year old girl. Hope
she(her parents) keep in touch. We have also included a monetary
donation on top of the $7 fee to cover shipment charges for the
shoebox. The shoebox is bulging and barely closes shut because we have
squeezed in all the items below:- Doll
- Teddy bear
- Toothbrush
- Crayons
- Sweater
- ShirtsI thought we missed the deadline for the shoebox dropoff but luckily
you have until November 27. Just go to their website to find the
closest dropoff location to you, or call them per below:(Samaritan's Purse, , 1-800-303-1269)

Day 4 as a Stay-At-Home Parent

I'm not sure if I mentioned that my wife has recently gone back to
work after close to 5 years of staying home to raise a family.
Although it's under 20 hours per week, she's excited to go back and says it's
a good change. I'm happy if she's happy.This means that I take care of the kids for those days that she's at
work. Day 1 was scary and my main concern was making sure I provide a
good explanation when they start asking for mommy. I've been saying
that she has gone to pick up more waffles at Shoppers Drugmart or that
she had to go get more eggs at Costco. This worked and they have been
content with that but on Day 3, I think my eldest suspects she's
really just gone back to work.One thing that someone brought up the other day was in the incorrect
use of the term "babysitting". He made a mistake of saying that he was
babysitting his kids and was reprimanded because technically,
babysitting means you have to hand them off to someone after your
shift. …

Ahh, Isn't Democracy Great?

I just handed my completed ballot, inserted upside down into an electronic reader (ATM machine it looks like), at a designated voting location for the 2011 Municipal Election. The closest one to me is Sullivan Heights Secondary School on 6248 144th Street, in Surrey, BC. There wasn't any lineup and we still have under 3 hours to go before the polls close so make sure you go out and vote. If you don't, then my friend Julie says it best - "keep your mouth shut for the next three years about property taxes, garbage, parks, schools, .."

Pacquiao vs. Marquez Boxing Bout this Saturday

My brother and Weng are again hosting the boxing match on pay-per-view
this coming Saturday. Everyone will bring their favorite Pacquaio
attire (or Marquez, don't hate the playa..) Can't wait to try out
little K's new Pacquiao t-shirt that his Tita Cherry got for him from
her last trip to the Philippines. It's going to look awesome.After that, we'll have another poker tournament. Philip had an
unbelievable straight flush in our last meetup. Unreal. It's like out
of the Casino Royale movie with Daniel Craig's James Bond.Ava will also set up a boxing pool, where you pay $2 for any of the 12
spots that represent a boxing round where a TKO is declared, and a
13th slot for a unanimous decision. I always go the 13th slot and
haven't been wrong yet. It's going to be WICKED.

Who Still Uses Printed Yellowpages?

I just passed by a truck carrying a full load of yellowpages books in
the back. Who still uses yellowpages nowadays? I know I don't and the
2011 edition is still in the garage untouched and in mint condition.
That will sadly go into the recycle bin unused so I assume we aren't
really wasting trees, especially if the same books are all recycled to
make the 2012 edition. I'm not sure if we are able opt-out of
receiving these every year. Does anyone know? I have already converted
to receiving electronic statements instead of printed statements for
utilities, hydro, bank statements, etc. Being able to opt-out of
receiving the printed yellowpage books is the way to go in our
eco-friendly society. Most households already have the internet and
can Google anything they need. I don't remember ever going for the
printed yellowpages since I got internet hooked up.Seeing this truck filled with yellowpage books screams legacy and waste.