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20 weeks into the pregnancy

It's been a couple of months since my last post. We are now into our 20th week of pregnancy and everything is going well so far. We saw the ultrasound pictures early on at 16 weeks and will be going to another one in the first week of December. Going through ultrasound is not a very pleasant experience because of the amount of water one has to drink in order for the machine to clearly detect the baby. When you are pregnant with a full bladder, the feeling can be a little uncomfortable. I was at a company function that time and couldn't join Grace at the doctor's office for the ultrasound visit but fortunately, Ate Feli was around and she helped Grace to the clinic. I'm excited about the next ultrasound because we may finally get to find out my kids sex. I really don't care if its a boy or a girl. It'll simply help us with deciding on baby names and other baby paraphenelia. Grace has now gained some weight and she said she is feeling some "butterflies"