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Cakes and Cookies at Chuck E Cheese's

That's a lot of 'C's for my little tyke's birthday party at Chuck E
Cheese's in Langley. My sisters baked some goodies but these pictures
only tell half the story. The attention to detail was unbelievable,
especially with the Spiderman cake. His suit is made up of tiny wavy
squirts from an icing tube and am certain it took a lot of time to
make. Same goes with the Kryptonite cookies (I'm sure that's what the
K's on the cookies stood for).

I threw in a photo of the Chuck E Cheese's factory-made cake that was
served as part of the party package, to show lack of imagination on
their part. It's just a logo plastered on the cake, nothing compared
to what my sisters made. I have to admit it did taste good however.

(For more info on Chuck E Cheese, go to


How I Fixed My Panasonic Microwave Oven and 4 Options I Considered

Our over the counter Microwave oven Panasonic NNP994SFR was recently
giving us some grief. It would work and then on the second attempt it
wouldn't. I found multiple workarounds to get it working but it hasn't
been consistent. I found it sometimes works if I used Sensor Heating
instead of using the timer. I also discovered that I could get the
unit to work sometimes if I reduced the powerlevel from the default
10. I also thought that spinning the disc where you sit food inside
the microwave oven worked but it didn't always. I gave up and decided
I had these four options:1) Is it still under warranty? If it is then get it fixed.
This unit was purchased May 2007 so I had low hopes. I checked the
user manual and it showed 2 years parts plus 3 years megatron part
coverage. I may be able to get some coverage if the megatron was the
issue. We went to The Brick and asked for a copy of our invoice from
2007.2) If there is no warranty, receive out-of-warranty quotes from
authorized Panasonic rep…

To Snowboard or Toboggan? What An Easy Question

We went to Mount Seymour for our company sponsored "Snow Day" this year. It's -3 degrees up in the slopes and there was plenty of white powder for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, tubing, and tobogganing.

I signed up for both snowboarding and tobogganing with the kids but the question is - which one to do first. It was the kids' first time tobogganing so it was an easy choice. We would go spend some time with Tito Phie getting down and dirty with toboggan mats/carpets and then if we had time, we would go snowboarding.

It was a lot of fun until little C started saying her hands were cold. So we went inside the lodge after a few trips up/down the half-pipe, and had some snacks. We had some lunch using the vouchers provided to
our group. That got us pizza or hotdog with fries and a drink, and after lunch we decided to call it a day. Kids were tired and were falling asleep so I thought snowboarding can happen next year.

Great first attemp at tobogganing for the kids b…