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Camille's baptism at St. Matthews

We just finished celebrating my daughter Camille's baptism on July 4. It was a great and holy event, marking my her start in life as a Catholic. There were 7 other babies who were baptised at the same ceremony and Father Obiwumma was inspirational as usual with his long homilies. Camille was very pretty with the white gown Grace bought her along with her cute hair band. Jade and Nick took multiple photos of the ceremony and am very proud/thankful for my two brothers. Dennis, Sonja, Lala, Kuya Ed, Aerie (spelling), Jade, and special addition Kim were attentive as Ninong and Ninangs. Reception at the house was great. It seemed everyone at the church followed us back home. Everyone was hungry and our buffet style setup was great, thanks to Grace's idea of reshuffling where we serve the food. I set up the bouncy castle outside because the sky had just cleared and chance of rain looked slim at that point. It was around 1pm by the time we had food to eat because the lineup to the