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Part 2: Where To Get Little Mermaid (Ariel) Birthday Supplies?

This is a continuation of my post linked here . As you know, we went to Party City in North Vancouver BC to try and find some Little Mermaid party supplies for my little kid's birthday. We didn't find any at that location so we thought the Burlinglington, Washington location would carry a lot more because any licensing restrictions the Canadian counterparts had would be lifted, or so I thought. The US store didn't carry any more stock. We concluded the following when it comes to getting your Little Mermaid party supply fix: 1) Order your supplies online at and have items marked as US-only delivered to a friend who lives in the US. Ask said friend(s) if they could ship the package to you and be eternally grateful for their help. 2) Go to Disney Store at Metrotown Burnaby for the rest of your Ariel party supp

Where To Get Little Mermaid (Ariel) Birthday Party Supplies?

This is actually posed as a question because I don't have the answers. It's my little girl's birthday soon and we are planning a Little Mermaid (Ariel) themed party. However, I realized it was very hard get this specific Disney character shipped to Vancouver, BC. We usually order our birthday party supplies from Celebrate Express ( ) and am able to get some supplies like balloons and banners with Ariel printed on them but am unable to order invitation cards, party favors, or table cloths with same Disney character. Why is that? It can't be a licensing limitation because everything should have been barred if that was the case. My wife found this store in North Vancouver called Party City ( ) and she said that they sold the Little Mermaid birthday party supplies so we decided to head out there this past weekend. They did have Holloween supplies with the Little Mermaid character on them but no birthday party suppl

Graduation from L'il Dippers 1 (Bobber)

I'm talking about swimming lessons at the local YMCA. We received the kids report card last week after they completed the L'il Dippers 1 - Bobber swim program. Their report cards show tasks completed and not completed. For this set, it appears they completed everything required to move on to the next set. Well done. Their teacher Ryan puts in these nice comments on the report: "Hey K. Great job this set. Your floats are looking good. Remember to stick your legs all the way out when you do a float. Excellent job putting your head in the water and blowing bubbles. Keep up the good work. " "Great work C. You did a spectacular job doing your back floats, they look really good. Remember to keep your legs together when you do a glide. Keep up the good effort." I'm also really happy with their progress, especially because they are no longer afraid to jump into the water. They did get sick a few times and started throwing up in the pool at o

Deciding On Your Child's Piano Lessons

Like most parents, I'm sure you have gone through a list of local music schools in your area trying to figure out which is best for your child at that age. Most of the information I had were from people I take the bus with, other parents at school, and of course searching online via Google. We had to choose between group lessons lasting 2+ years or private lessons as expensive as $22 every 30 minutes. We were able to narrow it down to the following local music schools: - Carillion Music Academy (located on King George and 72nd Ave) - Tom Lee & Music (located on 152nd Street and 100th Ave) - Long & McQuade (located on 104th Ave and 138th Street) - Music 'N' Motion (located on 148th Street and 60th Ave) And here are the deciding factors in order of importance for us: 1) Non-conflicting schedules with existing children programs/activities; 2) Accessibility through public transit if held on weekends; 3) Non-stringent fee schedule that do not require c