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Carnival at the Playdome, BC Place Stadium

We went to the BC Place Stadium last week for Canada's largest indoor carnival. It was from March 16 – 20, 2012 and the kids had fun. The place was busy with tons of rides, attractions, and food stands. We found great parking at a public parking garage just steps away from the ticketing office. We tried the carousel. We were all a little happier than this angry bird. We tried the Hog Wild motorcycle ride. The attendant kept it going round and round and round the tracks for multiple revolutions. He must have had a very interesting conversation with one of the parents because he didn't stop the ride for a long time. Kids had cotton candy at the food stands, and then fish and chips at the food court. I didn't like the food at the food court at all but what can you expect, right? We walked up and down Robson Street after that and dined out at one of the noodle shops on the strip. Lotsa fun. Here is more info

Paint The Town Red, An Angry Hue of Red

The ladies all went out for a night of R&R to a bar with a live band this past weekend. I'm not naming names but one of them was propositioned by someone I would probably refer to as a female pimp (also known as 'madam'), to an elderly man she introduced as her friend. The way it was explained to me, the ladies were all approached by an elderly Filipina woman that night, who asked if one of them would be interested in hooking up with her friend. The ladies described her as a stereotypical madam wearing provocative clothing and one even mentioned that she lacked 'support' in the chest region especially given the attire she had on. Of course they politely said no but this woman still brought over her 'friend', an elderly East Indian man and introduced him as Harold or Harry to one of the ladies. She singled out one of the ladies in the group for her friend Harold (or Harry, whatever). I thought that this was all very good and normal but then she whispered

Chicken Noodle Soup for $6.66 is Hellishly Good

I freaked out a little when I was handed the bill for a bowl of take-out chicken noodle soup at Golden Panda Restaurant in Surrey, BC. It was for $6.66 (see attached receipt for "CNS" or Chicken Noodle Soup). Ominous sign, right? Nope, just good old hearty soup.