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5 Things I Learned from Losing my Luggage with Air Transat

This story expands on our summer holiday detailed here . I mentioned in that story that I flew out to Montreal the day before my wife's birthday end of July 2019. The flight was uneventful if not for my lost luggage with Air Transat. The feeling was that of frustration and disbelief as I waited along with other passengers at our specified baggage pickup carousel. We waited and waited until the next flight's luggage started filling that same carousel which gave me the sinking feeling that something was very wrong. Then an Air Transat Central Baggage staff started filling in our claim and were told to head on to our hotels while they locate my luggage. I stayed calm even though the staff spoke primarily French and we had issues communicating clearly. I had mixed feelings heading to Hotel Gouverneur Montreal downtown on bus 747 close to 11pm at night but what else could one do. It happens I said to myself and