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How Has Biking Helped me during this COVID-19 Pandemic?

I purchased a bike from Canadian Tire many years ago to use to commute to and from work.  The Supercycle hybrid was on the low price range and had a lot of issues with it as expected. Over time I replaced many parts and tweaked various components so that it was more enjoyable to ride. The last maintenance work was at MEC in Langley to replace the bottom bracket. I was very pleased with the service because the techs didn't just do the work asked but also replaced the  left crank, fixed my breaks, added missing chain guards, and lubed up the gears. A complete major tune-up for just $30 at the beginning of the year, just in time too as the COVID-19 pandemic forced bike repair shops to close. 

The pandemic made me realize how grateful I was for the services these local bike businesses offer. I was handy with the bike and can order bike parts from online retailers like Amazon but it has taken me over 5 years to get my bike just right with the visit to MEC. I have been working from home for the past two months now so the commute has changed. With a fully functioning bike, I have been getting out to local parks and waterfronts at the end of the day to replace my daily work commute. Some of the bike trails around my area include Mudbay Park, Colebrook Park, Serpentine Fen, Tynehead Park, Surrey Lake Park, and Sullivan Park Ball Diamonds. Biking with my immediate family is a great way to keep up with our fitness during the quarantine period and helped tremendously with our mental health as well especially with the nature rides and tons of fresh air. This photo shows how biking during the COVID-19 pandemic has become the norm for me. It shows a bike rack attached to the back of my bike so I can catch a ride back home. Didn't even think how weird this looked. My friend commented on Strava after I posted my ride saying " What!  How many people stopped you to tell you the bike rack is supposed to go on the car, not the bike?! " Thankfully no one actually said anything.

If it wasn't for biking, I would have been more insane and this goes for others around me.