Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Half-Marathon statistic as a Measure of Fitness?

I'm not sure if anyone does the same number-crunching that I do when it comes to their fitness workouts. I ran the BMO half-marathon for the first time this May 2018 and did ok but I think I would need to run the same course at least three times to get an average. 

I did the Scotiabank half-marathon this June 2018 and have run that same course three years in a row now. I don't think I can compare one course with another even though they equal the same distance. 

Here are my stats from the past three races:

2018 96/200 1:57 
2017 76/194 1:57
2016 78/226 1:48

Average placement is 83/206 or at 60% fitness level when compared to a relatively fit population of runners in my age category.

Is this a correct way of estimating fitness level?

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