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Part 2: Where To Get Little Mermaid (Ariel) Birthday Supplies?

This is a continuation of my post linked here As you know, we went to Party City in North Vancouver BC to try and find some Little Mermaid party supplies for my little kid's birthday. We didn't find any at that location so we thought the Burlinglington, Washington location would carry a lot more because any licensing restrictions the Canadian counterparts had would be lifted, or so I thought. The US store didn't carry any more stock. We concluded the following when it comes to getting your Little Mermaid party supply fix:

1) Order your supplies online at and have items marked as US-only delivered to a friend who lives in the US. Ask said friend(s) if they could ship the package to you and be eternally grateful for their help.

2) Go to Disney Store at Metrotown Burnaby for the rest of your Ariel party supplies.

3) Wait until it is back in 'rotation'. We found out through the saleslady at the Disney Store that Little Mermaid was in the 'vault' for 10 years and would be back in rotation this coming summer 2013. An important piece to take note of.

Hope this helps you out.


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