Thursday, October 4, 2012

Graduation from L'il Dippers 1 (Bobber)

I'm talking about swimming lessons at the local YMCA. We received the
kids report card last week after they completed the L'il Dippers 1 -
Bobber swim program. Their report cards show tasks completed and not
completed. For this set, it appears they completed everything required
to move on to the next set. Well done.

Their teacher Ryan puts in these nice comments on the report:

"Hey K. Great job this set. Your floats are looking good. Remember to
stick your legs all the way out when you do a float. Excellent job
putting your head in the water and blowing bubbles. Keep up the good
work. "

"Great work C. You did a spectacular job doing your back floats, they
look really good. Remember to keep your legs together when you do a
glide. Keep up the good effort."

I'm also really happy with their progress, especially because they are
no longer afraid to jump into the water. They did get sick a few times
and started throwing up in the pool at one point but it's all good
because it boosts their immunity. Who wouldn't fall ill gulping
chlorinated water now and then, right? They start on the L'il
Dippers 2 (Floaters) swim program in a few weeks, so let's get it on!

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