Monday, September 10, 2012

The Fair at the PNE 2012

We had reservations about going to the PNE this year because of three
major considerations, namely costs, lack of parking, and crowds. I'm
glad to have gone this year however because we were fortunate with
each of these categories.

First, we saved $7 at the ticket entrance by using a group code
provided as a benefit at work and pre-printing it online. We could
have saved on the rides as well but decided to buy the ride tickets as
needed. This year the kids were older and taller which meant they got
to go on the following rides listed below. The lineups were decent
(under 15 minutes each) except for the rollercoaster which was a
little more popular:

Miniature Train
Dumbo Elephants
Merry-go-round, jeeps and horses
Kettle Rollercoaster

As far as parking was concerned, we were able to find non-metered
street parking very close to the entrance on Hastings Street. We found
it quickly too so this was a plus. In previous years, we found parking
3 city blocks at East Hastings or paid $20 to park in the grounds or
on someone's private property, so you can see the apprehension we have
when it comes to finding parking.

Finally, weaving through crowds with a stroller wasn't too appealing.
Fortunately for us, the number of PNE goers dropped this year compared
to previous years. The report said it was a record low which is
unfortunate for someone but very good for us who want some extra room
getting around the PNE.

Food was of course overly expensive so we didn't indulge too much. Not
sure why they call it the "fair" because there was nothing fair about
paying $11 for a hotdog and milk. Ripoff! Nevertheless, to make up for
it, we got to watch the Superdogs perform and this is always a fun
event to attend for the kids. The bow-wow and woof-woof chants really
gets everyone going and even the surprise marriage proposal between
two long-time dog-trainers wasn't too cheesy to watch.

On our way out the gate, we stopped by to see the animals in the barn
and the horses jump through some bars. Kids loved it. The take away is
that you should go every year.

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