Friday, July 27, 2012

Cleaning Your Gutters the Quick, Safe, and Most Inexpensiv​e Way

I noticed that water wasn't draining properly through one of the downsprouts serving the gutter from the top-most part of the roof, about 20 feet high. One can tell that the downsprout was clogged because rain water would fill the gutter and spill over a corner of the roof. I had to get up there and remove the debris but it was so high up and am scared of heights.

I called around and received a few quotes. My sister said that she paid $100 to have her gutters at home cleaned but she might have said that she used a Groupon discount. Wife had someone come to the house and say it would cost us $300 to clean all our gutters. I decided to do it myself.

My neighbor Martin has a ladder that extends to 20 feet that he lets everyone in our culdesac borrow as needed. However, it wouldn't be long enough to climb on top of the roof (and I wouldn't even if it was long enough). I decided to get one of those gutter hoses that extend to limitless heights and spray super high velocity water. This one was called GutterMaster sold at CanadianTire for $50. Tried it out the other day and it worked quite well. I had to use my 6-foot ladder to get it to reach all the way up there and it did reach. The curved head let me clear the clogged downsprout in no time. My only beef is that
the hose seal isn't quite secure because water ran down my armpits the whole time. Good thing it's summer.

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