Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cakes and Cookies at Chuck E Cheese's

That's a lot of 'C's for my little tyke's birthday party at Chuck E
Cheese's in Langley. My sisters baked some goodies but these pictures
only tell half the story. The attention to detail was unbelievable,
especially with the Spiderman cake. His suit is made up of tiny wavy
squirts from an icing tube and am certain it took a lot of time to
make. Same goes with the Kryptonite cookies (I'm sure that's what the
K's on the cookies stood for).

I threw in a photo of the Chuck E Cheese's factory-made cake that was
served as part of the party package, to show lack of imagination on
their part. It's just a logo plastered on the cake, nothing compared
to what my sisters made. I have to admit it did taste good however.

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