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Paint The Town Red, An Angry Hue of Red

The ladies all went out for a night of R&R to a bar with a live band
this past weekend. I'm not naming names but one of them was
propositioned by someone I would probably refer to as a female pimp
(also known as 'madam'), to an elderly man she introduced as her

The way it was explained to me, the ladies were all approached by an
elderly Filipina woman that night, who asked if one of them would be
interested in hooking up with her friend. The ladies described her as
a stereotypical madam wearing provocative clothing and one even
mentioned that she lacked 'support' in the chest region especially
given the attire she had on.

Of course they politely said no but this woman still brought over her
'friend', an elderly East Indian man and introduced him as Harold or
Harry to one of the ladies. She singled out one of the ladies in the
group for her friend Harold (or Harry, whatever). I thought that this
was all very good and normal but then she whispered that he is very,
very rich. Come on! This has to be some form of pimping, right? Did
she really think that they would jump all over her friend after
mentioning that he was exorbitantly wealthy? For most people, it would
probably invoke a negative reaction. Is it just me or are you also
seeing red?

This story infuriates me to no end. The elderly Filipina woman saw a
table of possibly single Filipina women, all beautiful and dolled-up,
and probably thought to herself that they were out there to land
themselves a 'very, very' rich husband. Unfortunately, I hear this
sort of thing happen in other circumstances and I wonder if there is
any truth to this stereotype? I'd better watch what I write because
it's likely a touchy subject talking about real or imagined
stereotypes. I don't want to be crucified here, I'm just saying.

The ladies all naturally stopped talking to the both of these
characters. Thankfully, the two left the ladies alone and they said
they had a wonderful time out.


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