Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Everyday

It's been a few days after the day and I recount the experience
leading up to the hype that is Valentine's Day. I'm glad it's over
because it was a little expensive for me. I understand why some people
say we should celebrate V-day everyday but it gets stressful and
depletes your finances if not careful. It's very easy to get carried
away in the emotion of it all and personally, I'm glad it's a
once-a-year event.

Here is my simplistic approach/formula for making it a successful day,
i.e. Wife + Happy = Happy Life. I list 4 items I did to make this

1) The present - A Gift card
Talk it over with her a few weeks before and see if she would like to
be surprised or if she would rather go out and buy it herself. Gift
cards are easy as long as you get the correct store name for the gift
card from her. This is important because you cannot refund gift cards.
I didn't know about that, did you? I got one from the perfume store

2) Thoughtful note - Valentines card vs a simple note
Go ahead and get sentimental in your note. It doesn't have to be a
fancy Valentine's Card because I think the fabricated message on those
don't come from the heart. Write it yourself.

3) Dining out - Early Reservations
If you don't cook, give her a break and take her out to a nice
restaurant. We went to New York New York Greek Restaurant at Sullivan
Heights | 6361 152 Street in Surrey | (604) 572-4222. Do this early
and don't procrastinate.

4) Movie at home
I love this last bit because this is where you get to cuddle up and
spend some intimate time together. We watched our favorite TV program
previously recorded in our PVR, i.e. The Mentalist. The main character
Jane always cracks me up.

I'll use the same formula next year, and will improvise a little bit
on some of the 4 items I listed above. It won't deviate much because
if you a good strategy going then why change it, right?

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