Thursday, February 2, 2012

4 Advice I Gave to a Crying Hair Stylist

I was at a Magicut Salon yesterday for a much needed haircut and was
suprised to get a teary-eyed hair stylist. I stopped here on my way to
a dentist appointment and was mildly surprised at the experience while
at the salon that day.

A customer and her sister were having a loud argument in the salon
with another hair stylist, about the hourly rates for doing her hair.
Customer said she was promised $10 an hour by my hair stylist, when in
fact it should have been around $25. My hair stylist started
whispering to me about the situation, how they failed to understand
what she meant about the advertised reduced rate, and how she will
probably get fired over this. She started to cry saying this is the
last I'll be seeing of her at the salon. I felt bad for her, and
worried a little about what she might do to my hair. Not sure if I
have ever gotten a haircut from a crying hairstylist, so I continued
to listen in.

She said that she was hated at that salon by one very mean
co-harstylist, who talked about her to their boss behind her back. She
was sure she was going to get fired over the angry customer that
wanted the $10 rate, so she was adamant on quitting before being asked
to leave. I gave her the following advice:

1) Don't quit.
2) Go home and sleep it off. Like email, you need to take some time to
re-review what you have composed before hitting Send.
3) It's just a job. Although this makes a huge part of your life, the
people here aren't your family. Shrug it off.
4) It's your job. Hair stylists must be good in customer service. If
you can't make it at this salon, you'll have a hard time at other

She thought about all this and thanked me for my advice. However, she
still said she will be leaving after she finishes my haircut. I hope
she stays because I like her.

I did get a very nice tapered haircut at the end. I gave my usual 15%
tip, asked her to think hard about what I said earlier, and was
relieved to get out of there to see my dentist (#fail).

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