Friday, November 4, 2011

Who Still Uses Printed Yellowpages?

I just passed by a truck carrying a full load of yellowpages books in
the back. Who still uses yellowpages nowadays? I know I don't and the
2011 edition is still in the garage untouched and in mint condition.
That will sadly go into the recycle bin unused so I assume we aren't
really wasting trees, especially if the same books are all recycled to
make the 2012 edition. I'm not sure if we are able opt-out of
receiving these every year. Does anyone know? I have already converted
to receiving electronic statements instead of printed statements for
utilities, hydro, bank statements, etc. Being able to opt-out of
receiving the printed yellowpage books is the way to go in our
eco-friendly society. Most households already have the internet and
can Google anything they need. I don't remember ever going for the
printed yellowpages since I got internet hooked up.

Seeing this truck filled with yellowpage books screams legacy and waste.

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