Friday, November 11, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Marquez Boxing Bout this Saturday

My brother and Weng are again hosting the boxing match on pay-per-view
this coming Saturday. Everyone will bring their favorite Pacquaio
attire (or Marquez, don't hate the playa..) Can't wait to try out
little K's new Pacquiao t-shirt that his Tita Cherry got for him from
her last trip to the Philippines. It's going to look awesome.

After that, we'll have another poker tournament. Philip had an
unbelievable straight flush in our last meetup. Unreal. It's like out
of the Casino Royale movie with Daniel Craig's James Bond.

Ava will also set up a boxing pool, where you pay $2 for any of the 12
spots that represent a boxing round where a TKO is declared, and a
13th slot for a unanimous decision. I always go the 13th slot and
haven't been wrong yet. It's going to be WICKED.

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