Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Are Some Companies So Averse To Email Exchanges?

I just had a failed relationship with a potential residential mortgage
broker. I just don't understand why the Senior Mortgage Analyst I was
dealing with refuses to correspond via email and insists on phone
conversations. I like email exchanges because it let's me document all
the different options I'm entertaining with my upcoming mortgage
renewal. It let's me put everything down into a spreadsheet for
analysis, and is a great record-keeping method. I didn't have issues
with my previous broker, who didn't mind answering my questions
regarding specific calculations and amortization periods, all via

I complained about this asking to get the Analyst's supervisor
involved to get my questions in the emails answered, and guess what
happens. That's right - the supervisor 'calls' me. She said that they
have been in business for 20 years and that their preference is to
conduct their transactions over the phone instead of email. What about
customer preference? This was a red flag for me. If they can't obey a
simple customer request to correspond via emails, I don't see why they
would listen to anything I have to say when negotiating a new

This can't be the standard. Is there any reason why some mortgage
brokers won't commit tentative interest rates and imaginary
calculations to paper (or email) so to speak. Are they afraid I would
hold them to those rates if it was in an email? Come on. Have you had
a similar experience with a mortgage broker and if so, is this the

I politely thanked the Mortgage Analyst's supervisor for her time and
said goodbye.

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