Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Roaring Fun Time at the Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove

We took the kids to the Greater Vancouver Zoo this past weekend with
my sister, Dennis, A & A, and mom. The rates were decent at $22.25 for
adults and $16.25 for kids 3 years old and up

We bought train ride tickets at the gate and they were about $5 for
adults, and no fees for kids 3 and under. The train ride wasn't too
busy on the Sunday and the driver+guide was very lively and
educational. Compared to the Buffalo Zoo in New York, I would say the
Greater Vancouver zoo has a lot more acreage to house bigger outdoor
animals but less to house smaller ones like birds, reptiles,
amphibians. We needed to take the train ride because there was too
much land to cover. I don't remember any train rides at the Buffalo

In addition to taking the train ride, we rented one of those
triple-seater bicycles, which allows for 2 adults to pedal, a third
adult to sit in between, and allows for 3 toddles to sit in front. It
was a lot of fun taking the 1 hour bike rental for $18 because we
wouldn't have been able to walk around with a senior and toddlers in
tow. My sister and family also brought their bicycles so everyone was
able to keep up. If you are planning a daytrip, make sure you bring
your bikes.

Parking was $5 for the day, which was a bit more expensive than the $2
we paid at the Buffalo Zoo. I think it's accessible via public transit
but it's in the middle of nowhere in Aldergrove so I would suggest
driving there instead.

I was thinking of getting an annual membership at the zoo but I think
I'll pass for now because I can only do one visit a year. I would
consider getting it simply to get a 20% discount for the Vancouver
Aquarium but for me, that's not enough of a reason to sign up. Don't
let me discourage you from getting a membership, however, especially
if you frequent the zoo. I would definitely go before the weather

(Greater Vancouver Zoo, 5048 - 264th Street, Aldergrove;
http://www.gvzoo.com/;info@gvzoo.com; 604.856.6825)

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