Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Organic Blueberries (has to be)

My neighbor invited us over to her blueberry farm on the 32nd Avenue
and 176th Street area in Surrey, BC. Just like in previous years, she
says that they didn't maintain the blueberry farm this year because
there is no market for it; their tractor that clears the overgrown
weeds is broken; and that her aging father could no longer take care
of the farm work. Regardless of all these reasons, I think there was
plenty of the blueberries for harvest this year. My wife says they are
'organic' just because of all the overgrown weeds. I'm fairly certain
they just left the crops alone this year which probably means no
pesticides, fertilizers, etc. were used.

A group of us went to the farm over the weekend including P, A, N, W,
V, and R. It was hard work just to fill one basket and we wonder how
professional blueberry-pickers do it, day in and out. We gave Gabriel
and Natasha some of our pickings (there was a lot) and wife has
already made blueberry muffins out of some of them. The rest is in
deep freeze for later.

Organic or not, they also make great smoothies.

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