Monday, June 20, 2011

The Worst Dining Experience Ever

I had the worst dining experience at IL UK JO Japanese/Korean
restaurant, in Fleetwood, Surrey, BC on Father's Day. I didn't know
that this restaurant had a bad reputation when it comes to
all-you-can-eat until I read reviews online from other food patrons.
This is just a recollection of my lunch experience there and is not
meant to bad-mouth the establishment. I leave it up to you to decide
on your own.

I heard from online reviews that if you ordered from the menu,
customer service wasn't so bad but if you go for the all-you-can eat
option which is what we did, then you will get treated very poorly.
The reason we dined out was to enjoy the company of loved ones on
Father's Day but it ended up being very unenjoyable, leaving me a bad
taste in my mouth the whole day.

I hated having to get up to ask for missing cutlery, napkins, water,
tea, etc. They don't 'wait' on you like at other restaurants and it
felt very hostile with a feeling that they don't want you to be around
too long. They didn't clear our table after our first order and we
ended up putting aside the dirty dishes ourselves. We filled in the
order sheet twice and I was frustrated to see that on the second
order, they gave us two sushi platters that was obviously too much for
us to finish. It felt like they were trying to stuff us with sushi so
that there would be no third order. That's how I read the situation. A
few minutes later, the owner hands me the bill and says there was a
long line-up and that we had to go. I stood up and looked to see if
people were waiting up front but there was no one there. They just
wanted us to leave I think. I didn't go back to our table because they
started to clear it and was hurrying us out of the party room. This
was horrible and unthinkable. I have never ever been asked to rush and
finish a meal at a restaurant. This was terrible form and bad
etiquette. Who does that? My dad was still trying to finish the
remaining food on his plate but they didn't care and had continued
cleaning the table, quickly urging us out of the room. They were very
rude and I was very frustrated and embarassed at the same time.

We paid our bill, added 15% gratuity, and left. I vow never to go back
there again.

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