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A Letter to Thomas the Tank Engine

This was similar to writing a letter to Santa Claus on Christmas, but
to a Tank Engine. I suppose the Conductors or Train Engineers will be
writing back on Thomas' behalf.

We went to "Day Out With Thomas" in Squamish this past weekend and my
son was ecstatic. The train tickets were around $22 each and babies
didn't need to pay. I bought the tickets online thru and
the tickets were ready for pickup at the gate when I got there. I
wasn't sure at first because I always dealt with but
it all worked out and was hassle-free.

After the 50 minute train ride, we headed to a tent where your toddler
can write letters to any one of the Thomas & Friends characters. They
provide a sheet of paper and a postage-paid envelope. I sat my toddler
down and we scribbled his name on the letter. We wrote -

"To: Thomas, I was so happy to see you today. My sister and I enjoyed
the ride very much. We hope to see you with Percy, Gordon, and James
soon. Thank you."

We put the letter in an envelope and mailed it to their very own
restored Railway Post Office car for mail processing. Letters were all
over the place at this post office ready for sorting. There were
countless mail-slots on the wall with all the Tank Engine characters'
names labelled on each one of them. We placed our sealled letter in
Thomas' mail-slot. My son should expect a reply to his letter soon and
I know he'll be waiting for it eagerly.

I certainly will be.


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