Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why do I run the Vancouver 10K SunRun?

Just completed another year of 10K Vancouver Sunrun and I believe that
makes 5 years in a row now. I have religiously been at it and have
never missed a year. Not sure what your motivation is for doing the
sun run but I am going to attemp to explain mine.

I used to run cross-country in highschool and was in the soccer team.
I would say that helped with my endurance and allows me to keep doing
the sun run every year. However, my childhood friend Gilbert on
Facebook says "gone are the days", when I posted that this year's sun
run wasn't my personal best. It took me 1:05 to complete this year and
my fastest was under an hour. Checkout the results here

I think the reason I run every year is to beat my previous time. It
isn't to compete with anyone and it's not for the cardio workout
(otherwise I would train for it and run more often). The reason I run
is purely to improve on my last time. That is it. It gives me a sense
of accomplishment everytime I cross the finish line and bask in the
warm feeling of it. It lets me push myself beyond limits. Since it
takes me an hour to complete the run, it also allows the mind to
wander and reflect on things. However, it gets harder to do that when
you pass the 6K mark and your body starts really hurting.

Well, this is the reason I run the 10K Vancouver sunrun every year.
What is yours?

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