Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where to watch The Bachelor on the internet for those of us outside the US?

We have purchased the Motorolla HD PVR box earlier this year so that
we can record TV programs like CSI, Criminal Minds, NBA, or The
Bachelor. However, there are times when a recording is missed and you
must watch that past show to understand the next. This is what
happened with the The Bachelor on Monday February 14th. I forgot to
record it because of Valentine's Day preparations and I was in the

I immediately tried youtube dot com. They always have all the past TV
programs streaming on their web servers. Unfortunately, I get a
message on the screen saying that I am not allowed to watch it because
I am from Canada. Apparently, the ABC TV network only allows viewing
of this show from the US.

I asked around on Twitter and Facebook. Friends suggest using hulu dot
com. I tried that and I got the same message about being a 2nd-class
individual. Another friend suggested using an anonymizer, i.e. by
using a legitimate public US proxy server. Searched online, found a
few servers, tried those on my Internet Explorer browser, and I get a
different message. The message says that it can detect that I am using
an anonymizer and that I am still not allowed to stream the TV
program. Another friend suggested funshion dot com/english which works
by downloading a viewer to your PC, but that TV show was not
available. Some others suggested looking for torrent files from
peer-to-peer sites but couldn't find any.

I gave up at this point. By chance, my sister was on her laptop
watching some movies and my wife asked her. Sister says that she is
able to watch blocked TV shows like The Bachelor through clickpotato
dot com which takes care of the logins and megavideos dot com which
streams the actual TV show. My wife watched half of it online with her
and wanted to watch the rest at home.

I installed it on my home PC but made sure to quarantine 5-6 of the
malware/adware/spyware that clickpotato dot com has packaged with
their program. Make sure you use something like MS Security Essential
on your PC. I registered online for a login and was able to watch the
movie when I was redirected to megavideos dot com. I found that I
couldn't go to megavideos dot com directly however, and need
clickpotato dot com as a starting point.

After my wife finished watching it, I uninstalled clickpotato dot com
and all the malware/adware/spyware it comes with. Not sure why, but
removing that program was a such a fresh feeling, like the feeling I
get after taking a long hot shower.

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