Thursday, February 17, 2011

King George skytrain area is still a dump

I was just getting off the skytrain on my way to line up for the bus
when I saw this funny scene. This woman (looked like a hooker) knocked
on the door of the closed doors of the King George Smoke Shop where
owner was closing up.

He motioned to her that he was closed at which point she kicks the
glass door. Owner was startled and he rushed to shoo her away. He
opens the door and they have a short exchange of expletives I wished I
could hear. This is where it got exciting. She spits in his face.

The owner was so mad. She turns around to run and he bolts after her.
She had a heavy bag with her but she was so much faster. They whizzed
through the bus lineup and he slowed down when it was clear he
couldn't match her speed. I wonder if he would have beaten her to a
pulp if he caught up with her?

Shop owner walks back to his store shaking his head, disappointed at
the low-lifes he has to deal with around here. I hope he doesn't close
shop and move elsewhere as that would really make this place a bigger
dump than it is. I appreciate all the improvements that Mayor Dianne
Watts has pioneered in the area, but seeing this little scene on my
way home just makes me wish I can fastforward to a time when this area
is cleaned up.

I should have helped the owner run after that hooker, but I didn't get
enough sleep last night. I'm sure I'll get the chance to help out
again anyway. No rush.

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